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Affordable Auto Repairs in Fort Smith

When your vehicle starts showing signs of possible car problems, it may be a sign that it’s time for an inspection. From odd smells and sounds, to more significant changes in the way your vehicle drives, knowing the warning signs of potential car problems can help you avoid a more costly repair from further damage to your vehicle. The service department at Orr Nissan of Fort Smith is dedicated to providing you with the best auto repairs at prices you can afford. From some of the best service deals in Fort Smith to our commitment to honest pricing, we’ll get your vehicle up and running at a price you can afford.

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Warning Signs Your Car Might Be Having Problems

When your vehicle is in need of a repair, there can be several warning signs that shouldn't be ignored. 

From more obvious signs such as an indicator light being on, to more subtle sounds and smells, knowing these signs can help you avoid more costly repairs. Common signs your car may be in need of an auto repair include:

  • Slow start or failure to start
  • Rough or slow accelerating
  • Rough or vibrating motions while driving
  • Grinding, squealing, or other odd sounds
  • Metallic burning smell
  • Check Engine Light (If flashing, pull over as soon as possible)

If you notice any of these car problem warning signs, your car may be in need of an auto repair. Give the service department at Orr Nissan of Fort Smith a call or schedule an appointment online and we’ll get you the affordable auto repairs you deserve.